Zwartbles Sheep

I first spotted this handsome breed whilst driving through the Cotswolds where I noticed one ewe grazing in a field at a local garden centre, I turned the car around and went and asked about the ewe - then my love affair with them started!!!


I started the flock in 2008 with the purchase of my first five breeding ewes. The flock has grown quite a bit since then, with new stock brought in from as far a field as Scotland. Since starting showing in 2013 our summers are taken up at many local agricultural shows.


We are member number 535 of the Zwartbles Sheep Association


The Flock is MV accredited with many distinguished bloods lines including Aquila, Berrington, Beach Hay, Montactue and Scottfair to name but a few


Since the beginning of the last century, dairy farmers in the Freisland region of Holland have kept Zwartbles sheep, a strikingly handsome black sheep with a distinctive white blaze.


The breed was in real danger of disappearing until in the mid 70's the Dutch rare Breed Survival trust got involved and by 1985 a group of breeders in Holland started a 'Flock Book' and the initative has gone from strength to strength.


The UK Zwartbles Sheep Assosiation was formed in 1995




As a breed they are surprisingly hardy, being used to the cold wet harsh winters of North Friesland in their native Holland. Zwartbles are docile, naturally friendly sheep who love attention, so handling them is easy. They are prolific lambers and can easily raise triplets due to their natural milkiness. In addition the breeds long narrow head and wide pelvis allows them to lamb with ease and rarely need assistance. For those lambs that make it to slaughter, the meat is very lean and sweet and has a very good ration of live:dead weight, thus making them an ideal breed for small holders to commercial farmers.



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